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The Honeywell QuickCheck verifier was a category maker. It was among the first and for a long while, owned the largest portion of the verifier market. Due to lack of continued commitment to the category, the QuickCheck began to fade in its relevancy. Many current users are unaware of this and remain loyal to the brand to this day.

Codemaster recommends resellers to take an educational approach in introducing the Axicon verifiers to QuickCheck users.

In truth, the QuickCheck portables had serious limitations, all of which are completely overcome by Axicon technology.

We believe that a positive message, emphasizing the advantages to the user of the Axicon brand conveys a more professional message and does not challenge or question a user’s loyalty to the venerable old Honeywell brand.

The retirement of the entire QuickCheck verifier line has been announced. After February 29, 2012 Honeywell will not accept orders for verifiers or service contracts. The final date for product shipment is March 31, 2012. Spare parts and service ceases on February 28, 2013.

Poorly performing barcodes are potentially a significant risk. A verifier is a risk management tool with a measurable return on investment.

Axicon verifiers are more technologically advanced, more accurate and reliable, and competitively priced. The smart business decision is to replace that QuickCheck verifier.

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