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We always recommend that you check our website regularly and download the latest version of our linear software. The latest version has just been released and will be included in new shipments as we rotate our inventory. Please note the following:

Firstly, there are a number of bug fixes which are worth knowing about - these three are particularly important.

1. The lookup plugin in the current release will crash if a language other than English is selected. We have only had one report of this causing anyone a problem, so presumably most users do not have the plugin enabled or are using it in English, but anyway, this has now been corrected in the new release.

2. If any plugins are enabled when running the Online software, then the software will crash in the current release, so this has also been fixed in the new release.

3. The tick box which states 'Plugin settings shared by all users' has not worked properly since software release but this has only recently been spotted by an end user, so this has been fixed in the new release.

Then there are a number of changes and improvements, some of which we mention in detail below.

1. We have revised our checking of the EAN/UPC quiet zones to bring our software in line with the tolerances that are now published in the ISO and (soon to be published in the) GS1 standards. There is a minor change to the way we display quiet zone sizes on the summary window - if the display is coloured amber, then we now display to one decimal place, but otherwise it is only shown to integer numbers of modules as before. The changes to the tolerances of quiet zones that are allowed for EAN/UPC codes is not a new thing in terms of the ISO standard as it was published back in 2009/10.

2. In order to prevent serious mis-decoding issues with GS1 DataBar Limited symbols, the symbology standard was modified and published in its ISO version earlier this year (the details of the change were actually finalised over a year ago now). Once again, GS1 have been slack in getting round to updating the General Specifications, but the changes are now incorporated and it is vital that we apply these when verifying these symbols. The changes are to the checking of the guard pattern and quiet zone requirements and what is particularly significant about these changes is that symbols which previously satisfied the old version of the standard could not be classified as failing symbols! This is an extremely significant issue that I urge you all to consider very carefully. A customer might have been using our verifier to check his symbols and be getting a grade A, but if his symbols do not conform to the new requirement, then when he upgrades his verifier software to this new version, he will suddenly find that his symbols are now graded F even though the symbols have not changed, because the new requirements are more stringent! The use of GS1 DataBar Limited has been principally in healthcare in North America and Japan, so there may not be many users of our verifiers that this impact, but obviously the impact is significant for those few customers that it may be relevant to, so be warned that you may get that phone call!

3. A Polish translation has now been included.

4. Italian Pharmacode plugin now checks for invalid characters and correct symbol length.

5. New application identifier added to AICheck plugin - AI (255) for Global Coupon Number. Note that this new AI has only just been approved for digital coupons and is not yet in the published version of the GS1 General Specifications.

6. New updated USB drivers for our low speed standard verifiers have been included in this new release. Although the existing drivers are already Windows 7 compliant, there have been reports of very occasional issues causing Windows to crash, so we felt is was wise to update our install software to include the very latest version the USB drivers for our standard units.

We trust that you will communicate this as a courtesy to relevant users. Please download the software for your demo purposes.

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Codemaster serves former Honeywell verifier resellers. Its territory includes everything from the Southern tip of Chile to peoples in the Arctic Circle.

Codemaster is not itself a reseller and will not compete with the companies it serves. There are no “house accounts” with special or protected status. Resellers are encouraged to maintain their lines of communication with all former Quick Check, educating them about the departure of Honeywell from verification space, and about the comparative advantages of Axicon verifiers.

Former Honeywell resellers will need to deal only with Codemaster: Axicon products are not sold through distribution so there is no middle man and their mark-ups. Purchase orders will be submitted directly to Codemaster and orders will be shipped according to reseller instructions, directly to your customer or to you according to reseller preferences.

Codemaster reseller will have full access to all Axicon resources including best-in-class technical support both state-side as well as in the UK at Axicon corporate headquarters.

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